Golay Buchel Trading Company Launches CZ Diamonds for the First Time at IIJS Premiere 2022

Having associated with dealers across Indian states, the international brand is showcasing its best cuts, craftsmanship and creativity at the fair

Post By : IJ News Service On 01 August 2022 1:28 PM

For the first time, Golay Buchel, the biggest importer of CZ diamonds, will be exhibiting the cubic zirconia diamonds at IIJS Premiere 2022. CZ diamonds in round, oval, pear, marquise, square, octagon, baguette, tapper would be exhibited at the event.

Navin Gupta, Managing Director, Golay Buchel India, Jeevan Jain, Director, Golay Buchel India, and Nitesh Sanghvi, Director, Golay Buchel India, have together worked towards the success of the brand and its image. Through the brand Golay Buchel they aim to showcase the fine cuts of CZ diamonds and  encourage the display of creativity and craftsmanship. “We manufacture our fine-cut CZ diamonds in Italy and also in India. Golay Buchel is a one-of-its-kind CZ diamonds importer,” says Jeevan Jain, Director, Golay Buchel India.

We are grateful to GJEPC for giving us this huge opportunity and platform as fantastic as IIJS Premiere 2022 to showcase our products that are known for purity, excellence in cut, design, luxury, and top-quality cubic zirconia diamonds” says Nitesh Sanghvi, Director, Golay Buchel India.

Golay Buchel is the most sorted CZ diamond importer in India due to its art, precision, quality, and service. The purity, brilliance, luxury and top quality bring Golay Buchel cubic zirconia settings to life, thus lending an ultra-precise quality to work done by hand and wax setting at maximum temperature. Every detailed work done on the CZ diamonds ensures every facet has the highest purity, clarity, and quality as is made from top-grade American rough with 88 facets endured with light blue tinge colour and hardness with 8.5 density.

Golay Buchel aims to make its range of products available acorss the length and the breath of the nation. At IIJS Premiere 2022, visitors can get even closer to brand by understanding the art, design, fashion, and cultural realms linked with the brand. With an international presence already in place and headquartered in Mumbai, the brand has in association with its marketing and promotion agency Pratistha Jewels LLP joined hands with top dealers across Indian states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh. The dealers include Lakhani Gems from Rajkot, Sun Gems from Jaipur, Sri Shobha Diamonds from Chennai, Rajendra Jewellers from Hyderabad, S.L. Jewellers from Indore and Sign International & Pratistha Jewels LLP from Mumbai. Distributor enquiry is solicited by Golay Buchel.

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