Trend Report: Youngsters are into Platinum jewellery according to this Kanpur-based jeweller

Shail Kapoor of Kashi Jewellers talks about how preferences of youngsters have changed over the years and why they like their jewellery to be versatile

Post By : IJ News Service On 30 November 2020 9:36 AM

What qualities are youngsters looking for when they come to buy jewellery?

These days many young clients are girls who work. They are looking for wearable jewellery – which they can dress up in various ways for instance if it’s a pendant – they may want to wear it regularly as well as for parties. I also feel the younger crowd is fond of platinum. It is a subtle metal and the designs are quite modest. Earrings are also quite popular – ones which they can wear for formal presentations, regular office wear, at important meetings, as well as office parties, etc. they are also fond of bracelets. They don’t go in for heavy jewellery or chains or bangles, etc.

What influences their buying decision?

These days, girls are well informed.  When they come to buy jewellery they know precisely what they want, they’ve already done their research. They tell us what they want. They are definitely looking at price and quality.

Are they drawn towards any particular gemstone?

They want more of diamonds as against coloured stones. We have a 100 per cent buy back on diamond jewellery – so many prefer diamond jewellery.

What kind of styles are they inclined towards buying?

They like baalis, studs for regular wear or sometimes chand baalis for weddings.They buy necklaces mostly during wedding season – younger people usually don’t go in for buying necklaces, when they do however, their first choice is always polki. They could have seen it at celebrity weddings, or magazines in which models flaunt polki necklaces. Polki also looks very classy.

How has consumer preference changed since Covid 19?

In general the talk is more about the environment – in Covid19 times the pollution ratio is less – some people who come in to buy talk to our sales personnel for a long time over the phone and explain what they are looking for and make the actual purchase as soon as they see the stuff they were looking for – because they do not want to spend too much time in the store.

Earlier we used to create a series based on a specific motif – like a dancing girl, floral, or nature. We haven’t worked on a special series since the last six months. Right now we haven’t introduced anything special – so clients aren’t asking for a special motif series.

In terms of engagement rings what is fast moving – in terms of cut, shape, metal, etc.

For engagement, everyone mostly prefers diamond – either in gold or platinum. Some buy platinum bands, it could be from 20 cent to 5ct. Most popular is the round shape.

In bridal jewellery what is most popular – gold or diamond?

When it comes to bridal jewellery – the most popular is polki. Lot of people who are value conscious – go in for gold as well – it won’t be plain gold – usually it will have coloured stones. Mostly chokers and multilayers – a long necklace with the choker are fast moving. Some also prefer buying just a heavy choker. They pair it up with maangtika which matches the choker.

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