Limelight Diamonds Awarded ESG+ Certification by Positive Luxury UK

Limelight's commitment to best sustainable practices in ESG+ (environment, social, governance, innovation) has earned them this recognition.

Post By : IJ News Service On 16 March 2023 8:59 AM

Limelight Diamonds is now the first CVD diamond jewellery brand from India to achieve an ESG+ certification with a  Butterfly Mark, a premium respected trust mark by Positive Luxury, a leading UK-based accreditation body. This recognition has been attained for their dedication to the highest standards of sustainability best practices across ESG+ i.e., Environment, Social, Governance and Innovation with a Butterfly Mark. 
It is a well-known fact that climate change and carbon emissions are a growing concern. Each year, 20-30 billion tons of pure CO2 are emitted (3x times compared to 50 years ago).  Global temperatures are increasing by 1.1 degree Celsius and adversely impacting lives on earth. The world is also facing other global challenges such as a non-circular economy, social inequalities and many more. This has triggered the need for ESG, a tool or framework that enables companies to adopt practices and policies to create awareness and address issues towards the reduction of carbon footprint and build a more fair, diverse and sustainable future.  

According to a study, sustainable investing has now gone mainstream, with an estimated  $37.8 trillion in assets under management in FY2022. According to the same study, global ESG  assets are on track to exceed $53 trillion by FY2025.  
On achieving a global trust mark, Mrs. Pooja Sheth Madhavan, MD &  Founder of Limelight Diamonds shares her views, “As India’s largest sustainable jewellery brand, we at Limelight Diamonds are constantly working hard towards staying true to our core philosophy of establishing a luxury niche that is not built at the cost of our planet or our people. We are doing our best in developing newer practices to be able to make a  tangible difference. This recognition only further motivates us to continue our future endeavours.
The company has made demonstrable progress on its sustainability commitments by making several changes in its business practices such as the adoption of recycled gold and recycling of jewellery, zero plastic-based packaging from recycled papers, solar energy at their CVD growing facilities and to even ensuring their office premises are all operating on green power, all these factors contribute to the communities to make a positive impact on the people and planet. 
She further added, “We feel grateful for this significant achievement for Limelight Diamonds and privileged to share the same space with other ESG-compliant brands like Asian pants,  Godrej, HDFC Bank and others. We have gone through a rigorous assessment to demonstrate our contributions towards environmental preservation and social well-being. By choosing eco-friendly practices and using lab-grown diamonds, we're helping to reduce our impact on the environment. As we always say at Limelight, diamonds are very special for us, now, we have the  power to preserve its legacy yet protect our planet and progress towards a brighter future for  all.”  

For a consumer, it is very essential to understand the origin of your purchase. Brands which produce their goods in pure and eco-friendly environments under harmless, human-friendly conditions, Positive Luxury embodies these important desires and awards the Butterfly Mark as a  recognition. 

ESG+ assessment is completed using an intuitive yet detailed framework that takes into account over 150 factors across 75 categories, tailored to the specific impacts of the luxury industry, from climate, waste, and carbon management to animal welfare, biodiversity, and circular economy. 

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