184 years old jewellery legacy – PNG Jewellers announced it’s all new unique initiative “Dajikaka Gadgil Karandak”, a one act play competition in Hindi and Marathi which is a Maharashtra State Level competition including participants from Hyderabad and Goa. For participation, entry forms will be available at all PNG Jewellers outlets.

A symbol of heritage and trust Late Dajikaka Gadgil is known as a pioneer and legend in the field of jewellery. ‘Dajikaka Gadgil Karandak’ is conceptualised by noted film maker Ajay Naik along with Bhagyesh Ranade and organised in joint association with Saurabh Gadgil and team PNG. The initiative aims to encourage artists to experiment with their creativity by presenting diversified subjects. It is a competition that will provide talented writers, directors, actors and technicians a platform to enter into the professional circuit of pro theatre, films or television.

PNG Jewellers association with the initiative lends it the wide global reach of the brand and also to promote “Quality Theater”, a concept that is synonymous with the brands core legacy, quality and trust. This form of performing arts reflect on the artistic heritage and culture and is true to its form, some of the highest caliber performances have been delivered on stage at one go, void of modern edits, vfx and technologies.

The call for entries starts from 26th August, 2016 and preliminary rounds will be conducted across 10 cities in Maharashtra, Hyderabad and Goa. The best teams from each locations will be selected by their panel of expert jury which will comprise of 1 Writer, 1 Director, 1 Actor, 1 Producer, 1 Art Director & Lights Expert. 12 best finalists will be shortlisted from the first rounds, who will be performing at the finals in Pune. The three winners will be rewarded with a cumulative cash prize of up to Rs. 1 Lakh plus a trophy and all the potential talents may be given an opportunity in films, TV or pro-theatre by their celebrity panelists.

Speaking on this occasion, Saurabh Gadgil, CMD of Jewellers said, “The inception of a theatre Competition as ‘Dajikaka Gadgil Karandak’ would induce a lot of excitement, passion and belief in the minds of upcoming artistsas this competition is based on a strong foundation of Legacy and Trust. Dajikaka himself was a great connoisseur of this art form. Through this venture, we would encourage huge participation and a widespread reach, promoting Quality Theater and giving the artists a platform to achieve their creative goals.”

"Theater and Drama have a strong legacy in the Cultural History of Maharashtra and it continues to be today, as our youth still nurtures their love for Theater with a lot of passion. There has been a need to encourage Theater aspirants and provide them an opportunity to showcase their talent, helping them enter the Professional Theater arena. Dajikaka Gadgil Karandak for us is one step towards helping Theater aspirants realise their dreams, by us acting as catalysts. By having Hindi and Marathi One Act plays competing for the Karandak, we aim at National Level participation, thus raising the bar of competition, along with a higher level of exposure for our Theater aspirants."