An iconic brand which has travelled from Bikaner to Kolkata with a royal history of 250 years is creating a new benchmarks. For many years, Sawansukha Jewellers has maintained its legacy of trust, craftsmanship, quality and innovation.

An initiative was undertaken by UBM, India to select a brand that is most preferred by consumers on several parameters. A nationwide survey declared Sawansukha, the undisputed winner. On a star-studded award night held on 1st December, 2017, in the As Siddharthaa Sawansukha, CEO of Sawansukha Jewellers went to receive the award and a certificate of honour, it was yet another moment of pride and joy for the Sawansukha family.

The famous Bollywood actress, Ms. Chitrangada Singh and eminent jewellery designer Ms. Poonam Soni presented the much coveted award to Mr. Sawansukha. Mr. Siddharthaa Sawansukha said, “Leading the generation-old brand has been quite a responsibility, and I feel blessed to have all the support in this journey. May the beautiful creations of Sawansukha Jewellers find its rightful place in the treasure boxes of each and every women."

Sawansukha Jewellers is attentive to details and takes special care to fulfil all the parameters that help a brand to achieve top spot among its peers. Sawansukha's creations are innovative and captivating and the designs have evolved through generations; the quality is undoubtedly superior, which makes them doubly desirable. It is the trust of the clients in their impeccable service that has helped Sawansukha achieve this accolade.