Merging the Indian heritage of traditionalism with modern design sensibilities, ‘Vadhu’ brings to life a royal touch of elegance and enhances the look of any woman who adorns the jewels. The bridal edit encapsulates finesse and gives a glorious feel to the bride.

‘Vadhu’ is an ode to diamonds. The compendium consists of majestic necklace sets, rings, and earrings. Each piece is carefully crafted with diamonds and precious stones, further set in 18kt Gold. The range features designs that are inspired from floral drama and art-deco patterns. The pieces are modern classics that combine cutting edge silhouettes with quality craftsmanship.

The jewellery collection features exquisite bridal necklace sets encrusted with diamonds and set in 18kt gold. The collection also features exquisite cocktail earrings this season. Taking cue from the beauty of nature, the earrings also feature magnolia leaves that branch out from delicate yellow stones and are tapered towards the end. These pieces of jewellery complete the bridal look for the woman of today’s day and age.

The mainstay of this collection is the distinguished alignment of diamonds. The jewellery is encrusted with fine diamonds set with absolute precision, further giving birth to opulence with a redefined charm.