Divine Solitaires completed a successful launch at Navratna Jewellers on on 7th and 8th September 2019 at Ranchi, Jharkhand during which the store’s sales staff received training on various topics related to the solitaire and diamonds in general. An important aspect of the practical training covered a live demonstration of the Divine Solitaires mobile application and its various features.

The exhibition was a major success as the brand managed to outreach many first time customers, who purchased Divine Solitaires. The store’s sales staff was very resourceful in helping first-time buyers make their selections. The detailed and interactive in-house staff training was fruitful as the store’s brand representatives ensuring that each visitor at the store was attended to personally and given useful information about the brand and its portfolio. All customer queries were answered to with necessary information about Divine Solitaires.

The clients were quite impressed with the brand’s level of transparency and wished to know more. The staff advised them to download the Divine Solitaires mobile application so that they could easily trace their diamond’s journey and know much more about the digital solitaire experience.