The pink city – Jaipur is home to some breathtaking palaces and its royal heritage has a long history of jewellery donned by some of the topmost monarchs in India. Here one can witness modernity blending seamlessly with tradition and ethnicity like perhaps in no other city in India. The richness of this town is visible in its spaces, palatial houses, royal lifestyle and more.

Nestled in this quaint capital city of Rajasthan is Geeta Shyam Jewellers founded by Praveen Agarwal a visionary, aesthete at heart coupled with his keen business acumen, he has time and again brought out a commendable collection of bridal – polki, jadau and kundan jewellery with the contemporary touch.

At Geeta Shyam Jewellers (these were names of his mother and father respectively) they have manufactured several top of the line products in bridal jewellery. Bespoke and uniquely charming, these pieces have made their way into topmost families in India and abroad and have been appreciated by one and all. 

“I have seen our jewellery flaunted by some of the topmost people in the world – I come across our designs on Instagram and several other places on the internet and hoardings of some top-of-the-line jewellery retailers in India and abroad, however as a manufacturer I cannot lay claim to these pieces of exquisite jewellery which we have made,” informs Praveen Agarwal modestly.

Overcoming all odds
Year 2020 was tough for the whole whole G & J industry across India. All the same, Agarwal asserts that it wasn’t as difficult for his team. “We hadn’t stopped working at all, because all our work had been transferred online. Our regular clients were placing orders and we used to fulfill these orders,” he recalls. They followed all government protocols for Covid 19 and therefore could work without fear. In fact, their core team used to meet at the Agarwal residence and carry on with their daily work from there

Guaranteed client satisfaction
If the client is happy a business is sure to do well. “Our clients too were happy with us and thereby we ensured smooth trade throughout the year. Just before Diwali, demand picked up rapidly and we too became quite busy and that trend continues till date,” informs the astute businessman. They made high resolution images and videos of their latest collections and shared those with their clients over social media. Clients then booked their orders because the sales team explained every nuance of the jewellery to them. They ensured that the product that they saw on screen is exactly what clients got.

It is tough to meet all demands of the client over video calls, or even for the client to arrive at accurate decisions just by viewing jewellery over a mechanical device. “Nothing can replace seeing the product in real time. We had to adapt technology during the lockdown, because the situation demanded it. All the same, high end bridal jewellery cannot be purchased by seeing photographs or videos of the product,” believes Agarwal.

Today, as markets have opened up, they are welcoming clients to their office, or if some want their sales personnel to visit their stores they send them to the client’s office as well.

Year 2021 brings new cheer
This New Year brought with it the news of the vaccine and raised hopes of health and wellbeing for all Indians and many people across the world. Soon enough, physical shows will take place and manufacturers like Geeta Shyam Jewellers will find more new clients. “Physical shows are a must to get new clients. Long standing existing clients are there and we have been in business for years. Getting new clients is always a challenge, which is made easy only with physical G & J shows. The networking and client interaction that happens at such shows cannot be matched by any virtual show,” explains Agarwal. In the new year shows will happen again and Praveen Agarwal will have a long list of new clients thanks to his finesse in design and dedicated teamwork from his staff. He believes that the New Year will surely bring in more prosperity and restore normalcy.