Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce Conducts ‘Let’s Go to Bangkok’ Roadshow in Mumbai for the 67th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair

Slated from September 7–11, 2022, the BGJF is expecting over 25,000 visitors and 1,200 million Bahts of revenue

Post By : IJ News Service On 24 August 2022 2:33 PM

Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce, Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) with Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT) delegates and Thai Trade Centre, Mumbai, conducted the “Let’s Go To Bangkok Roadshow” for the 67th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair (BGJF) to be held from 7-11 September 2022 in Bangkok. The event was followed with an exclusive fashion show with models displaying an array of Thailand’s Gem & Jewelry to the visitors.

India’s Lab Grown Diamond & Jewellery Promotion Council (LGDPC) & DITP also came to an understanding on how both the countries can leverage each other special resources exponentially. LGDJC proposed to export a substantial number of lab grown diamonds gold, silver and rubies to Thailand and in return Thailand will export their ruby, silver and white gold worth the same amount to India. This will further boost the economy and solidify the bilateral trade between both countries.

India has been a key market for Thailand’s gem and jewellery exports, especially silver jewellery. It has been exponentially growing at the rate of over 158.21% from the last year. Both the countries share unique civilization links going back several millennia. In the recent years both these neighbours have been sharing an excellent multilateral and business relationship in various sectors.

DITP’s recent report states that Thailand’s gems and jewellery exports (excluding gold) have risen to 3,884.21 million USD between January to June 2022, a 40.96% increase from the previous year. Among the main markets like the US, Hong Kong and Germany, the Indian market has generated the highest export value, a total of 149.21% increase from products like diamonds, gemstones, pearls, jewellery, synthetic stones, precious metals and other products clad with precious metals.

India has been the top visiting country for the BGJF fair since many years, both in terms of footfalls and trade volumes. Even for this 67th edition, Indian visitor registration has been on the number 1 slot with many more registrations pouring in. BGJF is a very important trade platform especially for Indian exhibitors. Primarily because being neighbors, both the countries share almost similar culture and heritage not only in terms of existence and food habits, but also in terms of fashion and lifestyle. For an Indian buyer or importer this exhibition gives a nearby and readymade platform to access the latest range of designs of gems and jewellery uniquely created by Thailand.

BGJF is the biggest gem and jewellery fair not only in Asia, but throughout the globe. DITP has been continuously playing an essential role in promoting Thailand's gems and jewellery industry globally. BGJF 2022, which will be held at Impact Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok will display more than 800 exhibitors & 1,800 booths. More than 10,000 visitors and 1,200 million bahts of revenue is expected from this edition. Established players and entrepreneurs from all over the globe will be able to network with manufacturers, buyers, importers ,distributors and exporters from Thailand and  worldwide across all ranges of gems, jewellery, gemstones, gold, silver to packaging, equipment, tools and machinery.

His Excellency, Donnawit Poolsawat, Consul-General, Royal Thai Consulate-General, Mumbai said, “For Thailand, India holds a particularly special place, both for tourism & trade,& both before and after the pandemic. India has largely contributed to Thailand’s exports in gems and Jewellery products. Like every year, this year too it’s an extreme delight to be amidst all of you & invite you to the 67th edition of BGJF. Mumbai has always been an epicentre of this country’s gem and jewellery sector and like every year we do look forward for maximum number of participation from this City of Dreams.”

Supatra Sawaengsri, Executive Director & Consul, Thai Trade Centre, Mumbai said, “This 67th edition is very special for us. As it is for the first time that the fair is co-organized by DITP and the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT). We are very excited to be here today & share with you our agenda for the next edition. It’s very excited to know that now India’s younger generation has cultivated a strong penchant for Thai’s silver jewellery, and have been wearing it as an attractive accessory to various functions & festivals.”

Rajesh Bajaj, Conveyor, Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Council said, “On the eve of this road show, we also we also did discussed with DITP on how both the countries can maximise each other’s specialities amongst themselves. We came to a conclusion that with the exchange of our LGDJs and their well-known silver and gems with each other in large quantities, we will be able to help the natives of both the countries sample and cherish each other’s domain expertise to the fullest.”

Representatives from leading Trade Organisations of India present at the occasion included Chief Guest, Ashish Pethe, Chairman, All India Gem & Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC); Guest of Honour, Ashok Gajera, Chairman, Western Region Gem and Jewellery Promotion Council; Mehul Shah, Vice President, Bharat Diamond Bourse; Surendra Mehta, National Secretary, Indian Bullion Jewellery Association; Shashikant Shah, Chairman, Lab Grown Diamond & Jewellery Promotion Council- LGDJP; Sachin Shah & Rajen Parikh, Honorary Secretary, MDMA; Rajiv Garg, Chairman, GJSCI; Sanjay Shah, President, Jewellers Makers Association and Reena Shukla, Director, Bajaj Overseas Limited and Heera Zhaveraat Trade Journal.


The above image dipicts the unveiled Poster of the upcoming “67th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair (BGJF)" by His Excellency, Donnawit Poolsawat, Consul General & Supatra Sawaengsri, Executive Director,Thailand Trade Centre along with important Indian Jewellery Council members.

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