11 Months and Major Challenges later, Meerut-based jeweller has set a Guinness World Record to place 17,524 diamonds on a watch.

This piece is called Srinkia and has 17,512 white diamonds and 12 black diamonds.

Post By : IJ News Service On 30 January 2023 12:41 PM

From Meerut, a Jeweller has won the award for the most diamonds set in a watch by the Guinness World Record. He has successfully placed 17,524 diamonds in a single watch. 

Harshit Bansal recollects his whole journey and shares that he loved the whole process. He set out to create a piece that was classy, elegant and 100 percent wearable. 

The previous record in this category was held by Aaron Shum Jewelry Ltd. (Hong Kong) which had set 15,858 diamonds in a single watch. 

Bansal has named this piece Srinkia — “the watch of good fortunes” — that is inspired by ancient Indian mythology wherein Srinkia means flower. It also signifies Goddess Lakshmi.

What started with hand-drawn sketches took 11 months to be created in physical form shared Bansal. 

The final product has 17,512 white diamonds and 12 black diamonds that have been sourced from the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, making Bansal conflict-free. 

Furthermore, Guinness authenticated the diamonds with International Gemological Institute Lab. They attained an (IGI) certificate to determine that actual diamonds were used.

The Srinkia weighs 373.030 gram and contains 54.70 carats of natural hand-cut diamonds. 

Though, this is not a first for Bansal. He and his team have broken a record previously as well. In 2020, they set the Guinness World Records for most diamonds in a single ring. This was achieved by setting 12,638 natural diamonds encrusted in one ring. 

However, this record was broken by a Kerala-based jeweller in May 2022.

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