Etheria By Anmol Jewellers - Celebrating The Royal Indian Bride With The 2024 Bridal Collection

She yearns for nothing less than perfection, Sparkles in its aura…

Post By : IJ News Service On 21 January 2024 10:00 AM

At the heart of Anmol Jewellers lies the art of crafting jewels that celebrate every bride's individuality. Narrating a story of the modern Indian bride through traditional yet contemporary aesthetics, Anmol Jewellers unveils Etheria, a collection of timeless jewellery designs that embody the essence of sophistication. 

“At ANMOL, we believe that jewellery is more than just an accessory, it is an expression of your personality, it's a luxury. With the modern Indian bride in mind, each piece in Etheria combines classic elegance with contemporary flair, creating a breathtaking union of luxury and class.” - Ishu Datwani, founder, Anmol Jewellers 


Royal Floral Era

Exclusively designed for the Brides of 2024, each regal jewellery piece embraces the beauty of heritage while effortlessly blending it into contemporary fashion. 

Mesmerizing Diamond Choker

Embraced in high-quality diamonds and set in 18kt gold, Etheria makes a versatile statement with bespoke bridal designs. Perfectly complementing the style and sophistication of  the bride of 2024, every piece in this collection is not only a creative spectacle but also designed to last for generations to come. 

The Royal Layered Ensemble

Intricate and detailed patterns inspired by nature are combined with the opulence of luxurious materials and hand picked precious stones including diamonds, emerald and rubies. Each stone has been carefully crafted and styled in a unique way to ensure each design is a masterpiece.  

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