Jos Alukkas launches HUID Exchange Fest

Jos Alukkas, has launched a slew of programmes including an HUID (Hallmark Unique Identification) Exchange Fest to accelerate the HUID hallmarking movement in the country.

Post By : IJ News Service On 22 May 2023 9:12 AM

The jewellery group, which is all set for a Pan Indian expansion, already upholds the Centre’s decision to make HUID stamping mandatory for all gold jewellery manufactured and sold in India through its present process.

Being the first jewellery group which introduced and sold BIS-916 hallmarked gold jewellery, Jos Alukkas has already hallmarked 100 percent of its gold stock with the six-digit Alphanumeric Unique Identification Code (HUID). It did this soon after the order was released a couple of years back.

The Jos Alukkas HUID Exchange Fest is the first step of its kind towards the dissemination of the importance of HUID coding. Jos Alukkas only sells HUID-marked gold.

The Exchange Fest offers customers a fantastic opportunity to exchange old gold jewellery with new HUID inscribed gold jewellery with attractively less making charges. With HUID, everyone will be able to directly access and track the purity, weight and source of the gold jewellery. This will empower customers to not just know the purity of gold but challenge unethical practices in the market as well.

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