Batukbhai Jewellers redefines bridal shopping with all-new 10,000 sq-ft multi-level luxury destination!

Nagpur takes a fresh look at the bridal shopping experience with the opening of Batukbhai Jewellers’s second showroom. This one-stop destination not only boasts an extensive collection of meticulously hand-crafted jewellery, but also showcases an array of designer wear catering to the needs of brides

Post By : Priyanka Talreja Garegrat On 14 April 2024 11:45 AM

The flagship store of Batukbhai Jewellers has been a cornerstone of Nagpur's jewellery scene for 15 long years. Once hailed as one of the city's largest jewellery showrooms, it has remained a beacon of luxury and elegance. However, as time marched on, the new generation of jewellers within the family recognized a significant gap in their offerings.

Viraj Seth, Batukbhai Jewellers, Nagpur, reflects on this evolution, stating, "The motivation for our second store came from the younger generation of jewellers, Mohit (Kishore’s son) and I. With years of experience in the family business, we identified a need that our brand wasn't fulfilling. Thus, we embarked on a journey to address this void."

Their vision materialised into a unique concept — a showroom that transcends traditional boundaries. "We've pioneered a novel concept, a one-stop-shop solution for brides across India," Seth explains. "This new showroom isn't just about wedding jewellery; it's about offering a comprehensive bridal experience, including exclusive designer wedding attire,” he adds.

With this innovative approach, Batukbhai Jewellers aims to redefine the bridal shopping experience, blending timeless elegance with convenience.

Carved for the niche

When there are two stores of a  brand in the same city, comparisons arise naturally. Seth explains, "The first store boasts an extensive variety, with ample working space spread across three floors, catering to a broad audience with a diverse range of jewellery and corporate gifting solutions. It's designed to appeal to the masses. In contrast, our newest store specialises in premium jewellery tailored specifically for brides, catering to a more discerning clientele."

"This store houses two distinct brands," he continues, adding, "Firstly, 'Select by Batukbhai', which offers brides the opportunity to select, curate, and customize exquisite high-end jewellery, suitable for both wedding and everyday wear. Secondly, 'Éclat by Batukbhai' is a bridal apparel store featuring designs of over 40 renowned designers. Overseeing the operations of these stores is Naina Seth, Mohit's wife.”

Meeting all bridal requirements

Understanding the multifaceted needs of a bride extends beyond merely offering heavy bridal sets. "A bride's requirements encompass more than just elaborate bridal sets," Seth says. "She seeks jewellery for everyday wear, and pieces to grace her trousseau, each meticulously crafted and curated to ensure she shines brightly. Our collection is designed to make the bride truly stand out, be it amidst a crowd, or in the spotlight.

"By providing everything a bride needs under one roof, we streamline the curation of all her looks, from wedding ceremonies to post-wedding events. We take into account her desired aesthetic, ensuring tasteful curation that reflects her individual style," he adds.

Delving deeper into the desires of today's bride, he adds, "Modern brides don’t want to follow trends, they want to be the trend-setters. They seek novelty and exclusivity, craving something distinctive that will ensure they captivate on their special day."

Floor walk-through

The new store looks quite imposing. A grand facade welcomes clients, leading them into a space boasting a soaring floor-to-ceiling height of 25 feet. Within, opulence reigns supreme, exemplified by a majestic chandelier suspended in the centre. "We've carefully infused today's palette of colours, such as peach and pastel hues, ensuring that our jewellery remains the focal point," Sheth explains.

On the ground floor, clients encounter an array of gold jewellery for both men and women. "Our clients will discover a plethora of options," Sheth elaborates, adding, “From rings and earrings to chains, bracelets, bangles, and sets, we have everything. Our collection spans a range of styles, including CZ, laser cutting, temple, Kolhapuri, Italian, and cocktail rings — all painstakingly crafted in fancy designs."

The grandeur continues on the first floor, where patrons are greeted by arches adorned in pink — a tribute to Jaipur and its revered craftsmen. Here, the focus shifts to premium jadau and diamond jewellery. Half of the floor is dedicated to the sub-brand ‘Select’. "Here, we personally design and curate all sets, whether they're in diamond, jadau, polki, or couture pieces. We specialise in tailoring jewellery to match the bride's mood board and her bridal attire,” explains Sheth.

 The second floor is not ready yet, and what it will house has not disclosed by the company. The third floor has bridal outfits under the label ‘Eclat by Bhatukbhai’, for which Batukbhai Jewellers has forged partnerships with over 40 designers. The floor's interiors have been designed in such a way as to accentuate the garments on display.

On the fourth floor is an in-house banquet hall, which can be used for multiple purposes. “Here, we host fashion shows, and conduct one-on-one counselling sessions with our esteemed HNI clients — often welcoming designers from afar for these occasions. Additionally, this floor serves as the venue  for all our press meets," Sheth adds. The fifth floor is reserved exclusively for in-house staff to undertake essential backend operations.

The new Batukbhai store is set to become a landmark in the city, with each floor narrating a distinct tale, and beckoning patrons to embark on a journey characterised by luxury, creativity, and unparalleled craftsmanship.


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