PC Jeweller Limited has announced schemes which offer free gold coins, discounts, bumper prizes and other prizes on buying jewellery of a minimum amount. The schemes which will run from October 5 to November 5 have prizes ranging from 36 Skoda cars to diamond jewellery and Silver coins and will be available in all the 36 showrooms of the company across 28 cities. The offers come at a time when buyers are facing a shopping dilemma due to high gold prices together with the nearing Diwali festival which is considered the most favourable day for buying ornaments. PC Jeweller has dedicated the Pre-Diwali bash to the festivities surrounding women. Embellishing and describing the festivities in the order are Navratra – the power of nine goddesses, followed by Karvachauth – symbol of woman’s eternal love and sacrifice and Pushya Nakshatra – the auspiciousness of women amongst all. Balram Garg, Managing Director, PCJ said, “The pre-Diwali period starting from Navratas is said to be the onset of favourable and good period in the entire year. People look forward to buy jewellery and other valuable things for forthcoming festivals and weddings in this time due to the auspiciousness attached to these days. Our schemes are a way to facilitate the buyers to plan and buy the jewellery in advance and within budget limits through discounts and offers beforehand instead of waiting for the last minute shopping. We also have a new jewellery launch in the festival time which will be another surprise for our customers.” PCJ has introduced a new concept at its very first showroom at Bank street, Karol Bagh in New Delhi, with which the brand started its legacy and which is also the company’s current headquarters. The concept adheres to make shopping more convenient and interesting for their customers and enlighten them on the jewellery heritage while making the purchases. The showroom will display striking designs ranging from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings, bangles and many more. There will also be a designer range including office and party wear collections. Along with startling interiors, it will also have High End Luxury Lounge for the elite, high range buyers and the jewellery displayed in these lounges will have the literature (jewellery description) alongside. Offer details are 1 gm gold coin free on purchase of Diamond Jewellery worth Rs 30,000, valid from October 5 to November 5; 0.5 gm gold coin free on purchase of Gold Jewellery worth Rs 60,000, valid from October 5 to November 5; along with the above schemes – there will be an extra discount of 5% on the purchase of Diamond Jewellery on and above Rs 2 lakh on single invoice; any customer making a purchase of minimum Rs 25,000 will be eligible to participate in the Bumper Draw. The bumper prize will be 36 Skoda Cars (one car per showroom), 5 Diamond Jewelleries worth Rs 1 lakh each, 10 Diamond Jewelleries worth Rs 50,000 each, 20 Diamond Jewelleries worth Rs 25,000 each, 25 Diamond Jewelleries worth Rs 10,000 each, 50 Diamond Jewelleries worth Rs 5,000 each and 105 Silver Coins of 10 gms each. The bumper draw will be held on November 16 at the company’s South Extension Showroom at 3 pm; the company has also announced ‘Mini Bumper Draw’ which will run in all their 36 showrooms between October 5 and November 5 and there will be 118 prizes in the draw which will be declared on November 17 at each of their showroom.