Vaibhav Jewellers has unveiled its fifth showroom at Parvathipuram in Vizianagaram district. As an opening offer, Vaibhav Group announced Rs. 77 off per gram of gold in 916 Hallmarked jewellery from 18th October 2015. The showroom is offering a huge range of 916 Hallmarked gold jewellery with wastage starting from nine per cent and also 925 sterling silver articles with 100 per cent buy back guarantee. The showroom was inaugurated by Parvathipuram MLA Bobbili Chiranjeevulu and MLC Dwarapureddy Jagadeeswara Rao in the presence of Parvathipuram municipal chairperson Dwarapureddy Sridevi, Pydah Educational Institutions chairman Pydah Krishna Prasad, Kankatala Textiles chairman and managing director Kankatala Mallik, Vaibhav Group chairperson Grandhi Mallika Manoj and executive director Grandhi Amarendra.