Expressing it with jewellery is rooted to us from centuries and WHP Jewellers’ new Bridal Collection embodies your lovely presence without words. WHP Jewellers have earned the trust of their patrons since more than a century and is known for their personifying heritage and their fervent designs. Their latest collection for the brides of this wedding season aims at making the bride the center point of her big day. Studded with precious gemstones, this bridal collection symbolizes purity and brings with it an earthy touch. Each piece is meticulously crafted for the new-fashioned Indian women. The chokers and haars in 18K and 22K pure gold capture the essence of royalty with precious stones, emeralds and rubies giving it a profound look. The train feather designed choker, inspired from a peacock will astound each and every one around whereas the stunning 18K gold haar with flower shapes in the pendant is a genius work of artistry. WHP Jewellers craftsmen have integrated the touch of nature elegantly to the entire collection. This collection of virtuosity, by natures ripening breath, may prove a beauteous flower for this wedding season and is available @ as well as across 21 WHP jewellers outlet.