How An Actual Challenge Led This Amritsar-Based Jeweller To Deliver A Holistic Shopping Experience To Her Clients

Prerna Khurana, Creative Director at Amritsar-based Khurana Jewellery House, has created a new niche in these times of the new normal. She believes diversifying is key in today’s scenario

Post By : R Sugandha On 12 April 2021 3:09 PM

Khurana Jewellery House, established in 1951 in Amritsar has over the years come to be known as the epitome of exclusive jewellery design and unmatched craftsmanship in Punjab. It was founded by Shri Uttam Chand Ji Khurana and Shri Charanjit Ji Khurana in a small shop.Today, it is a 5000 sq ft tastefully designed showroom looked after by the Khurana family.

Last year was quite an ordeal for the whole industry during which every business owner has learnt a lot. “Throughout the lockdown, I did not feel low at all. I saw to it that I spent quality time with the family and cherished every moment of ‘me time’ I got. I would never have got so much free time to re-think and reorganize my business plans during the regular schedule,” recalls Prerna.

Finding solution in crisis

When women step out for shopping, they often spend days on end in selecting clothes, accessories and above all jewellery – especially when it is for a special occasion like a wedding or an important festival, birthday, etc. They want everything to be the best and insist that each element complements the other as if it were a perfect match; despite the fact that every element is perhaps bought separately from different stores and at different times. This is a tall order. Prerna shares an experience she had with one of her clients before the lockdown. “There was a client who had come to buy bridal jewellery. She had selected a lot of jewellery. She was confused because she had not bought her bridal attire. She had selected all the jewellery for all occasions and she could not decide whether she should buy it – because she was rethinking whether the jewellery she had chosen would complement her clothes. She wanted to buy clothes for every occasion for the pre and post wedding celebrations as well. But she wanted to buy the clothing before buying the jewellery.”

Now this was a challenge for both the store owner and the client. “We did not know what to do, we had to allow her to take her own time to decide and perhaps come at a later date in order to buy the jewellery she had liked,” recalls Prerna. 

Making shopping a holistic experience 

Out-of-the-box thinking usually takes every business to the pinnacle of success. “The incident remained in my mind and I wanted to find a solution to the problem. So during the lockdown we all thought of putting together our creativity into diversifying into a multi-occasion apparel store as well. We launched it soon after lockdown. It offers every woman a total solution – ideal for all important occasions in her life right from birthdays, weddings, mehendi, all kinds of pujas, Diwali, Baisakhi and almost every festival celebrated by women across India. We wanted to offer a one-stop buying experience for women. So when a woman enters the store – she has invested her two-three hours in shopping under one roof – and walks out with the attire and jewellery sets all together. So she gets to try out everything and examine the complete look closely and actually gets what she wants in less than half a day,” she explains. It saves time and effort and therefore has proven to be an astounding success.

What the pandemic has taught her

During the lockdown, many business owners have learnt a lot of life lessons. Prerna shares what she learnt during the phase, “Acceptance and adaptation, uncertainty is a given -- learn to live with it, technology is not the solution to everything, use every situation to think about creative solutions and diversifying is the key to success,” she quips.

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