Bharat Diamond Bourse in Association with GJEPC Hosts Book Launch with Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman as Chief Guest

The book titled ‘Modi@20’ was launched in the presence of Mangal Prabhat Lodha, Minister of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Ashish Shelar, Poonam Mahajan along with the heads of BDB & GJEPC

Post By : Kamakshi VF On 16 September 2022 2:27 PM

Bharat Diamond Bourse in association with Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council was host to the launch of a book on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 20 years collectively, holding the position of Chief Minister of Gujarat for 12 years and as Prime Minister of India for 8 years. The book called 'Modi @ 20' has 20 hand-picked individuals, professionals, changemakers and influential individuals who have achieved specializations in their own capacity and have worked and known the PM personally; they have shared their experiences in this book that has a foreword by Lata Mangeshkar.

Along with the Chief guest, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, dignitaries present at the event included Ashish Shelar, Maharashtra BJP President; Poonam Mahajan, Member of the Lok Sabha; Gopal Shetty, Member of the Lok Sabha; Vipul Shah, Chairman GJEPC; Manoj Kotak, Member of the Lok Sabha; Mehul Shah, VP of BDB; Kirit Bhansali, Vice Chairman, GJEPC; Pranav Darekar, Member of Maharashtra Legislative Council; Mangal Prabhat Lodha, Minister of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Maharashtra; Pradeep Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director of Axis My India; Parag Alavani, Member of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly and politician and author Madhav Bhandari among other top diamantaires from the bourse like Ghanshyam Dholakia Founder and Managing Director of Hari Krishna Exports and many others.

The event started with the presentation of floral offerings and a framed souvenir to the Chief Guest of the evening, Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman and the other dignitaries present on the stage. An introduction to the book Modi @ 20 followed where the book was described as a compilation of opinions and methodology “Vyavastha Parivantanachi Vees Varsha” meaning 20 Years In Change Management that was penned by 20 varied authors who had first-hand experience with the PM and seen change brought about with his dynamic efforts. Madhav Bhandari then took on the stage and welcomed the dignitaries present and mentioned that Pradeep Gupta was one of the authors among the 20 who had written about the PM. Poonam Mahajan was next to speak. She addressed the Finance Minister by stating that just like the keys of a home were given to the lady of the house, Nirmala Sitharaman was given that status by the PM and that she held the keys to the nations “tijori” where the nation was the home and the she was the lady or head of the family. She recalled her father Pramod Mahajan and quoted him. 

She went on to say that when Narendra Modi became the PM of India it was widely believed that the nation would follow the success model that was followed in the state of Gujarat while he was the CM of Gujarat. She noted 3 to 4 points that have been pioneering efforts of the PM till date. She listed them as JanDhan plan, Aadhaar initiative, building brand India as a ‘Vishwaguru’ and a shining star to the world, mobile services to the poor, health care in the form of the 3rd dose that other nations did not have. She called ‘JanDhan-Aadhaar-Mobile’ as the Holy Trinity of services. Poonam Mahajan read a few excerpts from book. She shared the gist of one of the chapters from written by Nandan Nilekani, co-founder of Infosys and former Chairman of Unique Identification Authority of India. “Holding a ticket for the opposition in the last election made no difference to Modi when I went to speak about Aadhaar or UIDAI,” she quoted him. The next author she read was Dr Devi Shetty and quoted the commendable efforts towards the health care system. Finally Mahajan read the words of Sadhguru quoting him: “Trust begets trust” and “You must give before you receive” showing the immense trust that the PM has shown in individuals and institutions which has borne fruit. She concluded with a call to the youth to not forget our history for they would be the torch bearers towards making India Vishwaguru.

Ashish Shelar was introduced as being an avid reader and he summed up the PM’s work into 3 C’s that connect to the diamond trade. He said, “Connect, Commitment & Communication” are the three C’s that PM Modi has shown in the 20 years of his overall leadership with the words “Avyavastha se Vyavastha Tak” describing his 20 years of service in words. He gave the example of how Modi reduced school dropouts in Gujarat from 60% earlier to less than 2-5% under his leadership and called him a harbinger of change. He elaborated upon the Ujjwala Yojna for women where gas cylinders were distributed to rural and tribal areas where wood and other hazardous means of cooking were still being used. Finally he mentioned, the yoga for all programme launched in 2014, Ayushmann Bharat scheme and how the PM fought tooth and nail to eradicate corruption at all levels with the slogan: “Brashtha vyavastha ka kila nashtha ho.”

Nirmala Sitharaman, the vibrant Finance Minister of India then took to the podium to speak. She started off by quipping, “Poonam, you spoke like a tigress!” and addressed the audience as “curious, enthusiastic, elite of Mumbai.”  Sitharaman described the circumstances under which Modi had become the PM and elaborated upon the earthquake that had devastated Kutch. She compared Modi’s handling  of the first national disaster situation with “one who did not know how to swim in water had not only swam through, navigated through rough waters, not allowed the state to sink, kept it afloat and built over it.” Nirmala Sitharaman said that Narendra Modi was a person who gave full respect to time had patience which is amply evident in the appointments he gives. “When the PM gives you an appointment, he takes care to listen carefully to your opinion without interrupting you. The phone does not ring. There is no interruption in the meeting unlike any person who would hold such an important office like his. That is indeed rare and commendable!”

The FM then spoke about the various authors who had written in the book calling them “people who have achieved specialization in their fields in their own capacity.” Sitharaman added to Poonam’s comment on Modi’s work towards harnessing human relations stating that whenever there is an international crisis India is the first to respond and gave instances. She spoke of Dr Devi Shetty’s chapter and the health crises faced during Covid calling Modi’s efforts not only attempts, rather, “effective in delivering.” She added 2 more C’s to Modi’s credit, “Courage of Conviction,” she noted and quoted the slogn “Sab ka saath, sab ka vishwaas, sab ka vikaas and sab ka prayaas.” Sitharaman then spoke of the 'Annyojna' that empowered women.

Nirmala Sitharaman said the PM spoke of Governance with Conscience stating that the PM never referred to backward districts as ‘backward’ rather; he called them ‘aspirational districts.’ She concluded her speech noting that the book Modi @20 was full of management lessons and that each chapter revealed the author’s opinions. It was Modi’s style to listen to collective opinion with complete attention before he gave his, and that, she called ‘Collective Governance’ adding that Modi was one to take responsibility and never shirk from duty. Modi @ 20 would befit as a management textbook on governance in a country, as it shows how to think for a nation. If read to kids, it would instill the spirit of nationalism and patriotism into them.

Anoop Mehta who gave the final vote of thanks in his short speech mentioned that this was the Finance Minister’s 4th visit to the Bourse and added that the fist rally of Modi, when he was nominated to be the PM, had been organised from Bharat Diamond Bourse. The book was available at the venue for Rs.800.

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