Vivarambh: Elevating the Bridal Jewellery Experience

Vivarambh, a bridal lounge that transforms the very idea of shopping for wedding jewellery, is fast becoming the favourite destination of brides and their families in Pune. In a conversation with Suneeta Kaul, Tejpal Ranka, the man behind the concept, says it is an ode to new-age brides

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The Big Fat Indian Wedding – it really is big, and preparations for the grand event start months in advance, with the entire family getting involved in various aspects of the functions. But nothing is more important than the jewellery that the bride will adorn herself with on her big day. Everything has to be perfect. The earrings, the choker, the many necklaces and lariats, the bangles, the bracelets, the finger rings, the toe rings, the maang tikka – all of these have to gel with one another, and accentuate the bride’s look.

And that’s not all.

All this jewellery has to complement the bridal costume, and match the make-up and hairstyle as well, so as to present a well-coordinated look of the bride. It is hard work, and takes a lot of preparation.

This is where Ranka Jewellers steps in with its bridal lounge, Vivarambh.

Vivarambh by Ranka

Located within the 25,000-square foot Ranka Jewellers Empire Estate in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune, Vivarambh offers a collection of bridal gold jewellery in kundan, jadau, polki and other curated creations. “Vivarambh is an ode to brides,” declares Tejpal Ranka, Ranka Jewellers. “It is a one-stop destination for bridal jewellery. Spread across 5,000 square feet, Vivarambh Lounge is Pune’s biggest-ever bridal jewellery lounge, which transforms the idea of shopping for bridal jewellery,” he adds.

Vivarambh, literally, offers end-to-end services. There is a dedicated executive, who accompanies the bride through her jewellery shopping, helping her make the best choices and suggesting the ideal pieces that will accentuate her look on the D-Day.

Says Ranka, “When the bride can actually see various combinations of hair style, make-up and jewellery, it makes her decision-making process more seamless. We offer her a dry run, and she, as well as her family, can see, first hand, what the final look will be like.”

Explaining what prompted him to come out with the bridal lounge concept, Ranka says, “We are observing every jeweller wanting to create appointment-based boutiques, but what is missing is providing an elevated customer experience and service to the everyday buyer. It has always been my vision to give my everyday, regular customer a positive, happy, special atmosphere and ambience. Vivarambh by Ranka was conceptualized to give form to that vision.”

A space meant for regular customers

The bridal lounge has not been positioned as a space reserved for the elite; it is meant for regular customers. “Our target market is everyday customers who do not get premium service and experience when they visit retail stores. This is one of the reasons why we are getting such a phenomenal response,” says Ranka.

Ranka goes on to explain why the bridal lounge has become a big hit with customers. “Families are coming to the store together, and thoroughly enjoying the buying experience. The time spent in Vivarambh is a positive memory for them. And with the variety, design and convenience that we offer, we are confident that the Vivarambh Lounge will be the most coveted destination for brides and their families.

“As per my knowledge, this is the first gold bridal jewellery lounge with 5,000 square feet dedicated purely to gold jewellery. I would say the lounge is not just an area; it is an amalgamation of top service, superior product designs, and a positive atmosphere,” he says.

So, will the idea of a dedicated bridal lounge catch on with other jewellers? Ranka believes so. “I already see jewellers thinking about creating a similar special space within their existing retail stores. If they do not keep up, they will soon become irrelevant to today’s consumers,” he opines.

Ranka Jewellers Pimpri Chinchwad has also started India’s first diamond solitaire jewellery lounge with Divine Solitaires. “There has never been a solitaire lounge for customers to visit. Within this lounge, we have created a diamond museum, with replicas of world-famous diamonds, such as the Kohinoor, Hope, Cullinan, and so forth. We have a number of firsts to our credit, and but there’s a lot more coming soon,” he finishes off.


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